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  Smart Green Principle number 1 - Rely on unbiased science
My book clearly makes a claim to science and to be factually based. I openly state the facts and my sources, and thus anybody is free to point out where these are faulty or incorrect and of course, such errors will then be posted on my web site. Thus, there is no need to defend science from my book - any possible defeat of science was never the issue. The discussion is whether the statements in my book are correct or not. The need to make it sound like a battle of science against my book seems entirely to misplace and bias the focus. Rather, the standpoint that might need to defend itself from my book would be the alarmist environmentalism... [Read More]


Live Earth Remedy Deadly for Africans
Poor nations need — and deserve — abundant, reliable, affordable energy to power modern, industrialized, healthy, prosperous communities. Their governments must help facilitate this and challenge anti-energy pressure groups whenever necessary. Poor countries don’t need to depend on the World Bank or foreign aid any more than Britain and the United States needed them to develop and prosper. If their institutions and policies are sound, poor countries can get plentiful investment money and technology from private sources. African, Asian, Latin American and Eastern European countries have abundant oil, gas, coal, nuclear and hydroelectric resources. They also have the ultimate resource: the brain power, creativity and proud work ethic of their people. [Read More]