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  Smart Green Principle number 6 - Embrace environmentally friendly technology
Post-modern environmentalists have justifiably been criticized for rejecting much of the modern technological world, as if technology per se were responsible for environmental degradation. Nowhere does the technological controversy get more heated than in the discussion of agriculture and food production, especially the subjects of pesticides and genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). Agricultural technology has created massive increases in crop yields, with tangible environmental benefits. [Read More]


Power, Water and Roads Could Benefit from Smarter Pricing
From an economist’s viewpoint, all three of these systems suffer from a market failure that is called the “tragedy of the commons.” When users do not receive appropriate price signals for their consumption of a scarce resource, they tend to consume excess amounts of that resource. The subsidization of road use, water supply and electricity by the public sector is creating that exact situation in these sectors. [Read More]